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Saturday, July 08, 2006

keep up the good work!

Moving on to someone who always looks fabulous – the gorgeous Katharine McPhee. That awful American Idol tour kicked off earlier this week, but Katharine has been sidelined due to severe bronchitis and laryngitis. It looks like concert goers in the first few towns will just have to make due with the superb vocal stylings of Kevin Covais, Bucky Covington and that Jesus pig, Mandisa. Heinous. In a written statement to her fans, McPhee said the following -

"I am disappointed and I am sorry to disappoint my fans who will be attending the start of the American Idols Live tour. However, I need to follow my doctor's orders to recuperate and reunite with the rest of the Idols."

The current issue of OK! magazine features a beautiful layout and article on McPhee. Here are the scans, as well as a behind the scenes clip from Extra.

She's very
Brigitte Bardot / vampy Hollywood screen siren in these pictures - totally hot! That whole bulimia thing must really be working out for her because she looks smokin'! You go, girl - keep up the good work! In related news, Kat's newly released single
My Destiny / Over the Rainbow is doing well... and she will be stepping in for Piggy as guest host on The View on July 19th.


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