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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

trashy fiction...

Ok – so I’ve been fairly vocal about the fact that I think the whole alleged rift between Trash and NicRichie is total bunk. I mean, the whole thing is just so strange and vague. I really think that it has been completely manufactured by their people in order to get these girls more press… and so the duo can stage some sappy reunion, and get even more In Touch, US Weekly and Star magazine covers.

Now it seems that another gossip monger, Janet Charlton has come forward to apparently set the record straight. According to Charlton’s blog -

If we have to hear one more word about Paris and Nicole's mysterious "feud" we're going to slit our wrists. Let's clear up the "mystery" once and for all. For those who don't already know, what happened was, Paris invited her best friend Nicole to costar on HER new reality show The Simple Life a few years ago. The first season of the show was a hit and soon Nicole decided she wanted a raise. Instead of consulting Paris, she went straight to producers and asked for more money. Paris was OUTRAGED that her friend "went behind her back" and asked for the same salary as hers. After all it WAS Paris's show! She considered Nicole a traitor and tried to get her kicked off the show and replaced by her new best friend Kimberly Stewart. But producers felt Nicole was the funny one and she was essential to the show's success. That REALLY infuriated Paris. Their feud only made the show MORE popular. Interestingly enough, not long ago, Paris was seen walking out of Nicole's West Hollywood condo. A secret meeting?

Now here's the thing - I love NicRichie dearly, but could Trash be any more of an assbag? I mean, really?!? Coincidentally, I think that fucking overproduced album of hers is going to do really well - which kind of makes me want to start cutting myself. On a lighter note, I do recommend that you all redirect yourselves to NicRichie's site and listen to her song - Dandelion. That's hot...


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