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Thursday, June 22, 2006


Katharine McPhee’s first single My Destiny / Over the Rainbow will be released this coming Tuesday. Crazy’s single was released a couple weeks ago, I believe – and it debuted at number one on the Billboard Hot 100. I still don’t get his appeal, but despite his current status as People magazine’s hottest bachelor, I’m sure it will all fade pretty quickly.

Meanwhile – Katharine has evidently outed herself in the new issue of People as a former bulimic. She has evidently struggled with the barf-o-rama since she was in high school. These days she looks terrific – but she definitely shed some lbs during the show. Take a look at this old clip of Katharine performing a few years ago at the Boston Conservatory – she’s definitely a little chunk. As an aside, the song they’re singing is from Stephen Sondheim’s musical Company, which is returning to Broadway this fall – and will likely be pretty spectacular.

I much prefer my Katharine McPhee skinny – so girl, you do what you need to do. Work your shit out – just be sure to brush, floss and Listerine yourself afterward. Thanks!


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