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Monday, July 03, 2006

fat, fugly, boring and balding

Ok, so you know how Kathy Griffin broke up with that fugly, balding husband of hers last year… and how they then got back together, and how the whole situation was really kind of bonkers? Well a few days ago, rumor surfaced that they two of them are in fact not as reconciled as we are all meant to believe… that they’re not even living together, and that her ex, Matt comes early in the morning for the taping of My Life on the D List – to keep up the appearance that the two are still happily living together.

Today, according to Perez Hilton – the word is out that KG will be coming clean on all of this with an interview on Larry King Live – to air tomorrow. According to Perez –

Many fans and friends were shocked when Kathy Griffin announced that she and her husband Matt, who appeared on her Bravo reality show with her, were getting a divorce.

Despite a brief reconciliation, the two announced recently that they were going through with the divorce, which was finalized in May. According to Griffin, she and Matt are divorcing because she caught him stealing from her – to the tune of $72,000!!!

So here’s the thing – fuck that fat, fugly, boring, balding asshat! If this shit is for real, she seriously needs to kick his fat ass to the curb. I’ve never been in to him for even a minute. He just seems like a lame, hanger-on.

At least now we know why he is always doing her hair this season on her show… he’s totally working off his debt. That’s hot!


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