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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

the geriatric mcboyfriend

My girl, Katharine McPhee has been hitting the New York media circuit for the past week, and was photographed this weekend walking around Soho with her (41 year old) geriatric boyfriend, Nick Covas. They’ve apparently been a couple for a year or so, but I really can’t imagine that she’ll be sticking with him for much longer – now that her star has risen so dramatically. You heard it here, kids.

At this point I’d say that it’s pretty clear who the real winner of American Idol really is – and it’s obviously Kit Kat. She’ll be touring with Andrea Bocelli later this month, before the Idol tour commences. She’s meeting with Steven Spielberg – who purportedly bought the movie rights for the musical Wicked, and is rumored to want Katharine for the lead – Elphaba. There are also rumors that Katie Holmes and Zartoo (Third Overlord of Blargon 7) want Kat to sing at their wedding, and that Kat is also in the running for the role of Wonder Woman in the Joss Whedon movie.

I just searched Katharine on youtube, and found an absolute gem of a clip. The description of this clip is as follows –

“Inspired by Katharine McPhee from American Idol, for my friend Chris who I love soo much”

First I invite you to listen to Kat’s version – from which this girl draws her inspiration – and then watch this. I’ve watched it twice now, and I’m… speechless.


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