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Monday, June 05, 2006

free winona

A Scanner Darkly is set for a July 7th release, and while I don’t know that I’m terribly interested in the plotline of this film, I think that it is visually very interesting. Though pretty intriguing, the trailer doesn’t do too much to clue you in as far as an actual plotline is concerned. It seems very sci-fi drug crazy, which does not tend to be my genre – so we’re going to wait for some reviews before deciding whether this one is worth seeing in the theatre.

What does seem promising is the great cast – Keanu Reeves, Winona Ryder, Woody Harrelson and Robert Downey Jr. The cast (sans Winona) were at Cannes a couple weeks ago to promote the film. Evidently Miss Ryder was a no-show because she was concerned that the press would be more concentrated on her shoplifting than on her role in the film.

Jesus, can’t a girl catch a break. Can’t a girl lift a few accessories from Saks and just walk away. Hasn’t she earned at least that much? Poor Winona – Free Winona! I mean, she looked so smart at her trial – with her little Marc Jacobs outfits and sensible shoes. For Christ’s sake, she wore headbands. Goddamn it – I might need to resurrect that fucking tee shirt of mine, and teach everyone a lesson.


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