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Saturday, June 03, 2006

stars are blind... and trashy

The collective breath of the world has been bated in anticipation of what some people are calling the hottest album of the summer. Yesterday Trash called Los Angeles radio station KIIS-FM (On Air with Ryan Seafag) to talk about her upcoming album and to debut the first single – Stars are Blind. From what I’ve heard, a huge opening is expected for the album – but it’s not likely to have much as far as legs are concerned.

If you’re interested, you can check out TMZ to hear a snippet of the song, and of Trash speaking to Seafag. You can also hear the song in it’s entirety on Perez Hilton. Initial reactions are that it has a Gwen Stefani vibe…a low-rent Gwen Stefani vibe - and they’ve obviously produced the shit out of it… à la Britty Peers.

Now when will NicRichie be putting out her damn album? Between shopping at Kitson and lunching at The Ivy, it seems that these girls are just entirely to busy to work on these albums that they’ve been fucking blabbing about for three years now. Sheesh…

Coincidentally, I just checked Trash's album on amazon to see if a release date had been set. Check the screen cap above - it says the album is slated for December 31, 2025. Yeah, that sounds about right.


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