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Friday, June 02, 2006

let's pop some bottles!

Aside from the usual Friday giddiness, there is reason to celebrate today. Let’s pop some bottles! I was snooping around on the internet this morning, and discovered that Season 3 of my (and your) favorite show, Project Runway will premiere on Bravo in a little over a month. Here’s the official press release. Thank Christ they’ve sped up production this time around! That whole nine month wait thing got really tired last time around. Yes, 16 designers – errr, 15 designers will be battling it out again – and if Daniel ‘Find your Bliss’ Franco returns yet again, I might have to start cutting myself. I’m not kidding.

The two hour season premiere is set for Wednesday, July 12th @ 9:00 ET. Oh, and the Season Two DVD will be released just prior – on June 27th. Fuck, I really, really try not to be a slave to the damn television, but the list of quality shows for the summer just keeps getting longer and longer. Damn you, Bravo! If it weren’t for my trusty Tivo, I would be a total mess!


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