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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

that nutbag, ann coulter

It’s absolutely no secret (at least in my world) that Ann Coulter is a raving cunt - and I seriously don’t know why people pay any attention to her. I mean, this bizarre vitriol that she is constantly spouting is just that - bizarre. What really burns my ass about her whole schtick, is that you just know that she loves all of this press. You know what they say – that any press is good press. This bitch has a new book to sell, and I’m sure those books are flying off the shelves.

So here’s my take on Cunty – dude looks like a lady! Check out that Adam’s apple! Ummm hmmmm! But secretly, she’s neither dude nor lady. She’s a praying mantis. Yep – you heard it here.

Here’s an abbreviated clip of her appearance on The Today Show yesterday. She and Matt Lauer went toe to toe for about ten minutes. In a brilliant turn of events, Kathy Griffin followed Cunty, er Coulter and gave some great commentary on what had just transpired. Watch Cunty here - actually, feel free not to give her any more attention. Her conservative tripe is both predictable and boring. More importantly – watch Kathy Griffin!


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