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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

six six six

So today, 6-6-6 is nearly over – and so far nothing apocalyptic has occurred. I’m sure that Pat Robertson and all of those other right wing Christian conservative nut jobs are pissed – but at least now they’ll have more time to fight for important things – you know, like a constitutional ban of gay marriage. Awesome.

I considered being festive and going to see The Omen remake, but then I realized that I wasn’t even remotely interested.
Julia Stiles (and her red sweat pants) can suck it. About the red sweat pants - kind of random, but I went to school with her, and nearly every time I saw her, she was wearing red sweat pants - never a good look! Seriously though, wasn’t Julia Stiles supposed to be the next big thing? I remember she made a few shitty movies a couple years ago, but nowadays you can only count on seeing her on a random Marie Claire cover or something. Now here's a fun little game to play - the next time you're in line at the supermarket, check the cover of Marie Claire - there's a good 30% chance that it's Julia Stiles staring back at you.
In summary I would like to bring attention to the fact that I received my 666th visitor earlier today, which I randomly noticed – and thought that I should document for posterity. So here…


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