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Thursday, June 08, 2006

gay and gayer - the remix

As previously discussed, that horsey dyke (Hilary Swank) and her faggoty husband (Chad Lowe) have decided to go their separate ways. And as previously discussed, nobody cares… at all! Here’s the thing with Chad Lowe – he can’t even be on the A-list in his own damn family. Seriously though, he should be used to playing second fiddle – first (and still) to his brother Rob, and now to Horsey.

About a year ago the New York Times did a little spread on Gay and Gayer’s new townhouse in Greenwich Village. Well, it looks like Horsey (and her Oscars) will be looking for some new digs. The house is for sale – and it has a fucking website! Check out this shit.

Oh, and I’ll just go ahead and make my little prediction which is that Horsey's next move will be to join the cast of The L Word… heinous.


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