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Sunday, July 09, 2006

that dykey number one seed from france

Sadly the 2006 Wimbledon championships are drawing to a close. After a few weeks of play, the women’s championship was decided on Saturday at the All England Club. That dykey number one seed from France, Amelie Mauresmo defeated my current favorite, and number three seed, Belgium’s Justine Henin-Hardenne (2-6) (6-3) (6-4).

All in all, the match was pretty exciting. Henin-Hardenne took the first set pretty decisively, so it was fun to watch Mauresmo fight back, and for once be able to maintain her focus and composure – which hasn’t always been her strong suit. There were some great volleys, and some amazing points throughout the match. I had wanted Justine to come out on top – but at least the title didn’t go to someone hideous… like that perpetual über-cunt, Martina Hingis – who, much to my delight was knocked out rather early in the tournament. Dumb cunt.

This Wimbledon victory marks Mauresmo’s second Grand Slam title – and really the first that she won properly. Her other title came earlier this past January at the Australian Open – where she, again faced Justine Henin-Hardenne in the finals. Justine however, had to withdraw halfway through the match due to stomach problems – so Amelie Mauresmo won only by default.

The 2006 championships will draw to a close with Breakfast at Wimbledon this morning – where Roger Federer will face Rafael Nadal yet again, and hopefully extend his Wimbledon winning streak to 4 years in a row! If you are at all interested in tennis, I highly recommend that you grab yourself an iced coffee and a bagel, and try to catch this match, as it is sure to be a great one! If I have time tomorrow, I will try to do a quick recap.

Finally, I would just like your comments on paraplegic tennis… I mean, with all due respect… what the fuck is that about? That’s just against God’s plan – right?!? The whole scenario makes me feel very awkward – and they should be stopped! God damn overachieving retards


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