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Friday, June 09, 2006

kg versus lady seafag

Here’s some quick Friday afternoon mathematics…

Kathy Griffin + Wednesday night = AMAZING.

Has anyone heard about Kathy’s recent go’round with Ryan Seafag? No? Okay, so here goes. As you may or may not know, KG and Seafag have had a bit of an ongoing tiff. The shit started a few years ago when the two of them co-presented something at the American Music Awards. Seafag, in his ongoing quest to prove that he’s not a flaming homosexual, apparently ripped KG’s shirt open on stage. KG was pissed, and after that, started to lambaste him a little bit in her stand up.

Recently KG has been hitting the media circuit to promote season two of her show, and was surprisingly invited to call into Seafag’s radio show for an interview a few weeks ago. Ok – so everyone remembers the recent scandal regarding Scary Hatcher and Seafag – and their faux kiss. I’m still having nightmares about that one! Well, KG said on Wednesday that the talk in Hollywood is that Seafag (again, in his ongoing quest to prove that he’s straight) actually called the paparazzi himself – to let them know that he would be with Scary that day.

So KG calls into Seafag’s radio show, and he just acts like a complete dick towards her – making fun of her plastic surgery, and saying all this shit about KG’s ex-husband not wanting to have sex with her etc. In retaliation, KG brings up the whole Scary Hatcher thing – and says… and I quote

Kathy – You know it made my day when Teri Hatcher went on Oprah and said that you called her and said ‘I can’t do this with you.’ Ryan, you actually called Teri Hatcher and said ‘I can’t do this with you’?

Seafag – I can’t talk about this.

Kathy – You just asked me about my plastic surgery!

Seafag – Yeah, but it’s my show!

Kathy – Seacrest, did you have to phrase it that way? I mean why don’t you just call the poor girl… you know she doesn’t eat and she cries in her kitchen. I saw her on Access Hollywood and actually showed Nancy O’Dell where she cried in her kitchen when you called her.

Seafag – I’m not gonna let you be mean to my friends! Goodbye… Goodbye.

Lady Seafag actually hung up on KG… and then the next day tried to deny that he’d hung up on her. His producers even said that he edited the tape from that day’s show. Luckily one of KG’s fans posted a recorded mp3 of the radio interview on Kathy's website.

If you want to hear KG talking about this whole thing on Howard Stern, and hear the audio clip of the Seafag interview, go here. If you want to download the audio file of the entire Seafag interview, go here. If you want to see the video of Scary Hatcher showing Nancy O’Dell exactly where she cries in her kitchen, go here.

Oh, and if you want to see video footage of Seafag awkwardly flirting with Anderson Cooper, check this out... who does this bitch think he's fooling? He's gayer than pink suede. He's gayer than two men having sex.


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