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Friday, June 16, 2006

that stupid cunt elisabeth hasselbeck

Shit went down this morning on The View. I'm telling you, these bitches were in rare form, and I've been waiting since approximately 10:30 this morning for the video to be posted online. Leave it to Best Week Ever to recognize some quality television when they see it!

Sandra Bernhard was on to visit the ladies, and seemingly to promote her one woman show, ‘Everything Bad and Beautiful’ that is currently running off-Broadway. So the shit started to hit the fan early in the segment when Sandra took some cheap shots at Mariah Carey – saying that she used to be white, but that now with her comeback (aka The Emancipation of Mimi) she’s suddenly a ‘sista’… so obviously Starlet got her vajayjay in a twist over these comments, and the two of them had a pretty comical back and forth – while the rest of the ladies looked on in horror.

So a few minutes later, Barbara Walters made some really awkward segue to try and change the topic – and Sandra totally called her on it. Then That Stupid Cunt Elisabeth Hasselbeck brought up Sandra’s political views regarding the women in the Bush administration – Condoleeeeezzzzza Rice (aka Mike Tyson in a wig) and of course Laura Bush. At this point, all fucking hell broke loose!

Barbara Walters – What do you think of Laura Bush?

Sandra Bernhard – I think she’s heavily medicated. (Joy Behar laughs out loud)

That Stupid Cunt – about Laura Bush? Excuse me? Why, because she advocates for education for children, and protects…

Sandra Bernhard – She doesn’t advocate anything. Honey, she advocates and then she disappears…

That Stupid Cunt – Don’t call me... first of all, Honey… Honey yourself…

Joy Behar – (stands up) Got to go! (walks off stage laughing)

That Stupid Cunt – Laura Bush has stood out there and talked to millions of people…

At this point, everyone was screaming and talking over each other… and eventually it just went to a commercial break. The shit was BANANAS! Christ, I can’t wait until Rosie gets to jump into the fray in September. It’s going to be unbelievably entertaining.


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