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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

scientology is gay

How much do I love this shirt – and how much do I love the story that accompanies it! This is John Roecker, a director of independent films who according to sources was involved in quite the row last weekend with Crazy Pants Jenna Elfman and her gay husband, Bodhi. As most people know, the Elfmans are pretty prominent among the Hollywood Scientologists – and evidently neither of them was terribly thrilled when they saw Roecker’s shirt.

According to Roecker, he and his female companion were approached on the street by the Elfmans last Sunday, when Bodhi Elfman said, “Hey man, you’re making fun of my religion!” Roecker decided to kick it up a notch and started to talk some shit about Scientology. At this point, Jenna Elfman started repeatedly screaming “What crimes have you committed? Have you raped a baby?”

Pretty sexy talk, Jenna! Pretty sexy indeed. As an aside, last week I was walking towards Hells Kitchen with a friend, when we stumbled upon the Church of Scientology’s New York headquarters. There were a bunch of scary people standing outside, so I decided to take a page out of Kathy Griffin's book, and rather loudly proclaimed that I was covered in body thetans. Oddly enough, none of them came to my rescue.


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