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Thursday, June 15, 2006

talk about the blind leading the blind

Don't forget to tune in to Dateline tonight at 9:00 ET on NBC to see Matt Lauer's tragic interview with Miss Britty Peers and her cheetos. This shit is going to be good. Similar to my comments earlier in the week, the ladies on The View were discussing poor Britty's appearance during the interview. Barbara Walters even made some remark about Britty 'practically falling out of her dress.' Hot. She went on to say -
"I sometimes dress a certain way for certain interviews. If you're trying to present a very different picture of yourself - as being dignified etc. - was this really the best way to dress?"
So then Trash comes out as the first guest, and they ask her what she thinks about Britty's appearance - to which she replied -
"I think she could have dressed much cuter. Like, she could have wore, like, a really cute maternity dress, and she would look beautiful."
Okay, so I don't have the energy to discuss her stunning use of the english language, or her slammin' grammar - but doesn't it strike you as pretty amusing that they would ask Trash such things? I might be going out on a limb here, but isn't that akin to asking Stevie Wonder if he enjoyed Marc Jacobs fall line? Maybe it's just me.


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