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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

the hills

I’ve continued to both follow and thoroughly enjoy ‘The Hills’ on MTV – if you haven’t been watching, you can easily catch up. Tonight is only the fourth episode, and you know what, I’m going to ruin the surprise - there’s really nothing too heady or cerebral about any of it!

LC’s roommate Burnt (aka Heidi) has continued to provide endless entertainment. Since we last spoke, Burnt decided upon completion of her first day of classes, that school was not for her. Keep in mind that on that first day of classes, she didn’t make it to even one. On the other hand, LC miraculously manages to attend both her classes and internship at Teen Vogue. She thinks that Burnt is a stupid asshat, clearly.

As you may recall, Burnt has never been one for the books. In high school she ‘just like, went shopping and hung out’. You may also recall that Burnt’s career ambition is to be ‘the fun party PR girl in LA type of thing.’ Well Burnt landed her ‘dream job’ working as an assistant at Bolthouse Productions – her like, first job with like, a lunch break and everything.

After her first day of stuffing envelopes (for NicRichie’s book party – look closely!) with the interns, Burnt decided that her ‘dream job’ wasn’t cutting it, and she decided to meet with her boss to express her newfound unhappiness. She gave some cockamamie story about how she hadn’t realized that the job was supposed to be full-time.

Mr. Bolthouse boss man was not impressed, and continues to have really bad hair. Meanwhile, LC was given the task of personally delivering a Marc Jacobs dress to her boss who was in New York for fashion week. After all the drama of her trip, she walked into the tents at Bryant Park to hand over the dress to Lisa Love – who rather than invite LC to sit in at the fashion show as expected, sent her back to the airport, and in true fashion cunt style, did not so much as even thank her. She’s a low rent Miss Anna, but I still loved it.

Back in LA, Burnt’s friend Audrina went on a date with Brian – who couldn’t be any more of a homosexual if he had sex with a man on camera. Big nelly power bottom – you heard it here!

Oh, so at the end of the episode LC has returned to her apartment back in California, and checks her answering machine – only to find a voicemail from… Grizzly Jason - the heinous ex-boyfriend and Laguna’s resident man whore. And with that, LC is shocked and we, the buying public, have our oh-so suspenseful lead into tonight’s all new episode - 10:00 ET on MTV.


Blogger Melissa said...

I FINALLY caught up on The Hills last night and am now officially obsessed!! You are right about Heidi being burnt - what's up with that girl? I had a few moments when I wanted to reach my hands through the TV and ring her neck!

6/22/2006 10:08 AM  
Blogger Baby Jane said...

Dude, at times Burnt is just too much for me to handle - although I felt bad last night when they showed how excited she got about the Las Vegas gig, and then they dashed her hopes and dreams. Oh well.

6/22/2006 2:32 PM  

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