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Thursday, June 01, 2006

i just like, went shopping and hung out.

Did anyone catch the premiere of ‘The Hills’ last night on MTV – you know, the new show about Lauren (LC) from Laguna Beach? Jesus – talk about painfully delightful to watch. That Heidi girl was BRUTAL – and when I say brutal, what I really mean is HOLY SHIT! Secretly though I’m hoping that in episode three, Kristin Cavallari movies into the apartment complex – The Hillside Villas, and totally steals everyone’s thunder.

So the highlight of the first episode (hands down) was when LC and Heidi went to their school, FIDM to meet with the Admissions Director. Whilst the girls sat in the waiting room of the admissions office, they conversed as follows –

Heidi – I can’t wait to start going out more!

LC – I know, but as soon as we start school it’s gonna be hard – we’re gonna be busy!

Heidi – Crap, school gets in the way of everything. I’m like already, like ready to be finished.

LC – Heidi, you haven’t even started here

Heidi – I know

Priceless, but nothing compared to what was in store once Heidi met up with the Admissions Director (AD). Real fast, Heidi needs a nickname – from here on out, she will be referred to as Burnt.

AD – How would you characterize yourself as a high school student?

Burnt – I never learned anything. I never went to school. I never did anything. I just like, went shopping and hung out.

AD – Have you looked at the curriculum?

Burnt – No

AD – You have not looked at the curriculum?

Burnt – No

AD – Well let me ask you this – what do you… what are your goals?

Burnt – Well, I wanna do PR… that’s like, my ultimate goal. I wanna be, like, the fun party PR girl in LA type of thing… so, um that’s kinda what I wanna do… kinda more like the party scene.

AD – The party scene… but it usually takes someone being in the industry for a very long time to land on the fun type of ‘I wanna organize parties’ position.

Burnt – Really? It’s not like right away you don’t get to do that?

AD – No… I mean, would you be willing to work in retail sales?

Burnt – You mean like actually work on the floor and stuff?

AD – Actually work on the floor and stuff.

Burnt – Yeah, I don’t think I could do that.

AD – Hmmmmm, Ummmm hmmmmm… are there any other majors you’re thinking about, or other industries other than fashion?

Burnt – No

AD – You feel… are you sure you’re in the right college?

Burnt – Yeah

Oh My Fucking God – CLASSIC! This Heidi girl excuse me, Burnt – may have totally become my new muse. And once again, poor LC – she can’t even be the breakout star on her own damn show!

If you missed the premiere episode of The Hills, you can check the schedule here.


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