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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

ain't no other man

If you haven’t heard Christina Aguilera’s new single, ‘Ain’t No Other Man’ I strongly recommend that you download it immediately from itunes - you won’t be disappointed! The video for this song debuted recently, and I particularly enjoyed my girl Christina’s shout out to me, Baby Jane. You know, we’re like this…

They keep removing the video from youtube for copyright violation – it’s up there right now if you want to watch. I’m not going to post, but I did put together a few screen caps for your enjoyment. Viva Baby Jane - Yeeeaaah, hot!

Poor Britty Peers and her cheetos must be so depressed. First no publicist or stylist for that train wreck of an interview last week, then that atrocious new song that she posted on her website, and now her rival X-tina puts out this hot song and video. She’s totally sobbing into her cheetos right now. Her career is on the short bus right now.


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