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Friday, August 25, 2006

everybody loves... william h. macy

Lindsay Lohan and her orange vagina have taken yet another hit - this time with actor William H. Macy knocking her reputation for being late and disrespectful on movie sets. According to People magazine -

"You can't show up late," Macy, 56, told reporters Thursday at a Los Angeles junket promoting his new movie, Everyone's Hero. "It's very, very disrespectful."
Macy, who shares a scene with Lohan, 20, in the upcoming Emilio Estevez-directed drama Bobby, called the actress a "huge talent," but echoed the sentiments expressed in a letter sent to her recently by a studio chief who blasted her work ethic.

"I think what an actor has to realize (is that) when you show up an hour late, 150 people have been scrambling to cover for you," Macy told reporters Thursday. "There is not an apology big enough in the world to have to make 150 people scramble. It's nothing but disrespect. And Lindsay Lohan is not the only one. A lot of actors show up late as if they're God's gift to the film. It's inexcusable, and they should have their asses kicked."

When asked about Lohan's work on Bobby, Macy paused and said, "She was pretty late."
He added, "I worry about these young kids – 15, 18, 20 years old – who in the span of one year become millionaires and powerhouses. It's too much power for a kid that age to handle."

It should be interesting to see if and how Lindsay's people (aka her
white trash mom) respond. Everyone loves and respects William H. Macy (and his wife, Felicity Huffman), so it will look really bad if they shoot back with something nasty. Lindsay Lohan and her orange vagina should just put this one in the bank, and work her shit out.


Blogger Nat Attack said...

Hahaha. I LOVE your blog - stumbled across it in random browsings and am now a faithful reader!

I fear I'm the only one who's grown sick of LL. Glad to know other people out there are feeling the overexposure of an actress whose last 4 "headliner" movies have bombed.

8/25/2006 11:54 AM  
Blogger Baby Jane said...

Thank you! Yeah, I don't get Lindsay Lohan either. She was such a cute little girl, but she's just such a BLOW these days! It should be interesting to see how she fares with some of these serious movies that she is starting to put out...

8/25/2006 3:50 PM  

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