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Monday, August 21, 2006

i, like, cry, when i listen to it.

It seems that the apocalypse is finally upon us, and rather than having to deal with swarms of locusts or frogs falling from the sky, the world is set to receive the debut of that horrible Trash album. In an interview with Blender magazine, Trash expounds on her experience with the album as well as people's perception of it.

"People go crazy," the 25-year-old socialite/reality TV star/singer says in an interview in the September issue of Blender magazine, on newsstands Tuesday. "They love it. Everyone's like, 'Who is this?' I don't tell. Because I don't want someone putting their phone up and recording it and making a ring tone off of it.

"I think when people don't know it's me, they won't judge it. But if they know it's me, then they'll be like, 'Ugh.' They won't even dance."

"Paris" the album was set for release Tuesday. Hilton's breathy, reggae-infused single, "Stars Are Blind," has climbed to the top of Billboard's dance music chart. Hilton posed for Blender's cover and inside pages wearing lingerie; in one photo, she wears a pink bra, black fishnet stockings and gold platform heels.

Of her album, she says, "I, like, cry, when I listen to it, it's so good."

Umm, I'm only guessing here - but I'm pretty sure that I'll like, probably, like, cry, like, when I like, listen to it, like too. Umm, like.

Source - CNN


Anonymous Kim said...

We had better brace ourselves!

8/21/2006 3:50 PM  
Anonymous terry said...

I, like, may have to like, by a whole new ipod just so I can listen to all of her cd's yet to cum - PUKE!

8/22/2006 5:19 PM  

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