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Monday, August 21, 2006

48 turkey hill road south

As an addendum to my real estate post on Friday, I thought that I would also mention another infamous property that is on the market - Martha Stewart's Turkey Hill home in Westport, Connecticut. The home has been on the market, listed at $9 million for nearly two months.

And it's not as if the place is lacking when it comes to upkeep. The house, in which Stewart no longer lives, is "the most beautiful property I've ever seen," said Eileen Hill, president of the Mid-Fairfield County Association of Realtors. "Every blade of grass stands at attention."

Real estate experts say it's not uncommon for opulent homes such as Stewart's to take at least a few months to sell, even with a celebrity name attached. The wealthy seaside town, also home to actor Paul Newman and singer Michael Bolton, is taking Stewart's exit in stride. "There was certainly no real sense of loss," said Cristin Marandino, editor of Westport magazine. "I think 70 percent of the people who live in Westport have a Martha story. She just wasn't very easy to live with." Stewart was not a stranger to run-ins with neighbors over her film crews and behavior.

The much-photographed abode, which she bought in 1972, was the muse for her first book, "Entertaining," in 1982, and was the site of many TV programs and garden tours. Or as Stewart humbly put it in a statement: "The four acres of garden have been tended with great care for more than 30 years and the circa 1805 farmhouse and outbuildings have been the location of wonderful family celebrations, legendary television specials and comfortable gatherings of friends."

Up until her stint in the clink, Turkey Hill had been Martha's primary residence - and during her prison stay her mother, "Big Martha" stayed at the house. Now here's the thing - that house is so synonymous with the Martha Stewart brand. So much of her identity as the doyenne of domesticity is built on what she did with that house. It just seems odd to me that of all her homes, she would choose to divest that property. I mean for Christ's sake, at least hold on to the thing and turn it into the Martha Stewart museum or something.

The 3,168 square foot home sits on 4.03 acres, and has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. William Raveis Real Estate received the exclusive listing for the 48 Turkey Hill Road South home. Their listing describes the property as follows -

Martha Stewart arrived at this handsome early 19th Century double chimney Federal farmhouse more than 30 years ago and envisioned a lifestyle. From this vision, she created an empire! “Turkey Hill Farm,” with its house, pool and barns, is nestled on 4 acres in Westport’s coveted Green’s Farms neighborhood. This magnificent property boasts extensive gardens and orchards. The beautiful proportions, high ceilings and an elegant central hall floor plan were the perfect elements in creating a setting for the ideal 20th Century lifestyle. Martha restored the house, created period rooms, stenciled floors, painted murals and installed her marvelous kitchen and extensive gardens. Turkey Hill Farm is an opportunity to own and experience an unequaled lifestyle with family and friends.

Oh, and in case any of you have already started struggling with what you can get me for Christmas... I know I can be hard to buy for - here's a little hint. The actual property listing can be viewed here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes and I'll take one too! That house is unbelievable.

8/21/2006 12:44 PM  
Blogger ste tomkinson said...

Looks interesting, ill be sure to check it out. Cheap property in Turkey

2/05/2014 11:16 AM  

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