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Thursday, August 24, 2006

jodhpurs, riding boots and pearls

If you haven't been watching the new season of Project Runway, then you're really doing yourself a huge disservice. It really is the best hour of television! From the first episode, my fave of faves has been Laura Bennett. She's just so stuffy, bitchy and "fabulously glamorous". I mean, anyone who has a gigantic formal portrait of themself hanging in their apartment, and who wears jodhpurs, riding boots and pearls to the fabric store, is my kind of gal. Love her!

For those of you who aren't up on this season, Laura has a degree from my alma mater, five children and is married to Peter Shelton, an extremely successful New York architect - and on last night's episode she revealed that she is pregnant again. Her take on being a fashionable New York mommy is priceless...
"I never dress down. I think that when you're 42-years-old and you have five children, it's a slippery slope into sweatpants and a Minivan."

Another thing that I love about Laura, is the manner in which she looks down her nose at everyone and everything. She's always slightly irritated with someone - a girl after my own heart! Now I'm sure this broad has live in nannies and all that, but I can't even picture her as a mother - let alone with a brood of 6. The absolute highlight of last night was when she went on the little diatribe about how she was so sick of everyone mentioning her pregnancy.

Thanks to FourFour for screencaps and the sound bytes.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

ug, she is such a bitch. but, she has impeccable style!

8/24/2006 9:01 PM  

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