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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

lindsay's situation is moisturized

Much like P. Diddy, it seems that Proactiv Solution moisturizes Lindsay Lohan’s situation and preserves her sexy. Lindsay has apparently picked up $2 million to talk about her orange vagina on those Proactiv infomercials. She joins the ranks of Chicken of the Sea, Kelly Clarkson, Vanessa Williams, Brooke Shields, Elle Macpherson and P. Diddy – as the latest celebrity who has been absolutely plagued with acne. (Yawn!) According to E! Online -

"My skin, thanks to Proactiv, is clear all the time," Lohan, whose supposed battle with bad skin is probably the only thing that the paparazzi have left her alone about, says in her on-camera testimonial about the line's effectiveness. "Proactiv heals acne, but the best thing is that it's super gentle, so it works every day like skin care. That's how I use it, and it works."

Lindsay Lohan's two-minute skin saga will start airing this week on MTV, MTV2, E! and Style.


Anonymous Kim said...

has lindsay ever had a pimple in her life?

7/11/2006 6:45 PM  

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