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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

don't ask me like i'm a child, cause i'm not a child, wendy!

My dear boo, Wendy Williams celebrates her 42nd birthday today. In honor of this very special occasion, I would like to rehash some classic Wendy. Today’s classic Wendy comes to us in the form of that infamous radio interview that she did with Whitney Houston a couple of months after Whitney sat down with Diane Sawyer. Here is one of the highlights for your enjoyment -

Wendy - So Whitney, as far as you stand with drug use - is there drug use going on at this present time?

Shitney - Who are you talking to?

Wendy - To you, Whitney. You.

Shitney – No, you’re not talking to me. I’m a mother. Only my mother has privy to that information. You talk to you child about that. Don’t ask me no questions like I’m a child. You talk to your baby about her… what she gonna be confronting or what she gotta deal with. Don’t ask me like I’m a child, cause I’m not a child, Wendy!

Wendy - My child is a little boy, and I will talk to him of drugs.

Shitney - Well talk to him about that shit! Don’t talk to me about that shit!

Wendy - But listen, Whitney…

Shitney - What Wendy?

Wendy - I will talk to my son about drugs because I have been…

Shitney - Don’t ask me Wendy. Go on to the next thing.

Wendy - …where the world speculates that you are

Shitney - Trust me, Wendy. Move on.

Wendy - I was a full blown cocaine addict.

Shitney - Well that’s your problem, not mine. Move on!

Wendy - Well no, that was my problem, Whitney.

Shitney – I hope you talked to a… did you ask God to help you?

Wendy - No, I managed thank God ‘cause I have a good man.

Shitney - And so do I!

Wendy - …so thank God I was able to just rise up above it…

Shitney - And thank God, Wendy.

Wendy - …and quit and all I asked you Whitney is the same thing that many people…

Shitney - But Wendy, it’s none of your business!

Wendy – Ok, Ok… and you on Diane Sawyer also mentioned that um, you’d wanna see receipts behind the drug use.

Shitney - Man, if I spent that much money somebody better give me the receipts and I can get a tax return!

In a word, AMAZING! If anyone would like to hear the interview in its entirety, you can go here and listen to the various clips. Yeah, Wendy Williams is a total pig, but I absolutely love it… and I love her. Happy Birthday, Wendy!


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AWESOME. I've looked for that interview before. THNX for posting!

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