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Monday, July 17, 2006

where are you, piggy?

Well, it’s been exactly three weeks since Piggy made her dramatic exit from The View, and things have seemingly calmed down over at ABC. Since Piggy’s departure, according to sources, the show has received its highest ratings ever. Now I’m sure that ABC would like everyone to believe that the spike in ratings means that the viewing audience has sided with them over the whole Piggy debacle. I mean, they even went back and doctored their own footage. Check this out -

So here’s the thing - I would wager that more people are watching this show at the moment only because they’re hoping for some more of that fabulously cunty drama! In related news, did anyone catch Piggy last week as guest host of that House Hunters show on HGTV? I managed to catch a couple of the episodes over the weekend, and all that I’ll say is poor Piggy. There had been rumors last week that both CNN and Fox News were courting Starlet, but Fox News has categorically denied those reports – so only time will tell.

Jesus, I cannot wait for September 5th when Rosie gets her vajayjay all twisted. If anyone wants to get in on some of the action, I’m currently taking bets on exactly how and how quickly That Stupid Cunt Elisabeth Hasselbeck will meet her untimely death. Currently, in first place is snapped like a twig over Rosie’s leg no later than September 14th. Well, my fingers are crossed…


Anonymous Anonymous said...

rosie o'donell is disgusting!

7/18/2006 12:53 PM  

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