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Saturday, July 29, 2006

cute cute cute

It’s no secret that I adore Kelly Ripa. I mean, if you looked up adorable in the dictionary, you would find a picture of her – she is absolutely the definition. She gets paid $7 million each year to be cute alongside Regis – which has got to be the best (and the cushiest) job in all of New York.

I never bought into that whole Hope & Faith thing (not that anyone else did), but I’m quite sure that she was paid well for that also. She has incredible clothes, an amazing apartment downtown, a beautiful home in the Hamptons, and three beautiful children. All this, and she manages to fit into a size 00.

... and can we discuss the husband for a minute? I mean, could he be any hotter? Is that humanly possible? He somehow manages to be even cuter than her - which is no small task.

Oh, and just in case you haven't shot yourself in the face yet - check out how cute they are as a couple. Since I'm not a watcher of soap operas, I never caught them on All My Children, but this Tide commercial is, of course - adorable!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

UGH. She is so annoying!!!!!!!!!!

7/29/2006 11:59 PM  
Anonymous Cristina said...

Kelly Ripa is absolutely the cutest thing ever- and Mark is so so hot. I love them both so much, and the Tide-To-Go commercial is so adorable!

8/06/2006 6:21 PM  

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