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Friday, June 23, 2006

a total mary

Yesterday I saw Neil Patrick Harris (with some other total Mary) in the dressing room at Barneys. Now, I have never thought that he was very cute - that whole Doogie Howser strawberry blonde curly business just isn’t my thing. In person however, he is surprisingly attractive. My question – does Doogie purport to be heterosexual, or is it no secret at this point? To the best of my knowledge, he never had any kind of coming out party – yet he is clearly one of the ladies - clearly.

He has also done quite a few faggoty things career-wise. He played a big homo in that awful Madonna movie, The Next Best Thing, as well as on an episode of Will and Grace. Also, he’s a big theater fag – lest we forget his turn as the Emcee in Cabaret a few years ago (Ewwww).

So here’s the thing - I totally think that Doogie has been stalking me recently. I first noticed this a few weeks ago when he presented something at the Tony Awards. Then earlier this week he filled in for Regis on Live (two blocks from my god damn apartment)! And now he’s following me into the dressing rooms at my home away from home. Jesus, Doogie – can’t a girl have a little breathing room?!?


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