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Friday, May 26, 2006

elizabeth taylor and her white diamonds

Set your Tivos now, kiddies – Tuesday, May 30th, 9:00 ET. Everyone’s favorite, perpetually tragic and always dying legendary permapig, Elizabeth Taylor (and her white diamonds) will be sitting down with Larry King next week for what could 'possibly be her last interview'.

Ok so here’s the thing about Liz – hasn’t she been near death since birth? A few years ago I watched an A&E Biography special about her life, and if I recall, bitch has been declared dead twice already – yet she always bounces back – to life… literally.

It has been reported that she has some secrets to spill this time around. Here’s hoping for husband number 8, a new fragrance launch or maybe some new diamonds - or that she’s at least sloppy drunk or addicted to crystal or something fun. Maybe she's planning another birthday celebration at Disneyland - the big 75 is just around the corner. Jesus Liz, give us something this time ‘round.


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