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Monday, May 22, 2006

simon says

Here’s a funny tidbit from Page Six – Last week Karolina Kurkova was set to present the ‘Fashion Maverick Award’ to one of my favorites – Simon Doonan, Creative Director of Barneys New York, at the American Image Awards. When she cancelled at the last minute, Simon exacted his revenge by presenting the award to himself and lambasting Kurkova in his acceptance speech.
"Miss Kurkova was scheduled to present the Fashion Maverick Award to Simon Doonan tonight, and, in typical model fashion, she canceled. Needless to say, this is something she will live to regret . . . Miss Kurkova pulled out at the last minute. Her excuse? Very interesting. She said she had to dash back to the Ukraine because of 'an immigration issue.' For those of you who are not in the fashion industry, allow me to explain: When an Eastern European supermodel claims she has to 'dash home' because of 'an immigration issue,' this can only mean one thing - it means she is heading home to avail herself of some free socialized dentistry - anything for a freebie! These hussies make a fortune, but they can never get used to paying to get their teeth scraped."

Too too funny. If anyone is interested in some light reading, I highly recommend pretty much anything that this man has ever written. All of his books are laugh out loud funny – I enjoyed Confessions of a Window Dresser, Wacky Chicks and Nasty. I also enjoy his column Simon Says in the New York Observer.


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