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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

purple velvet blazer with a snug fit

I’m thoroughly grossed out right now. Taylor Hicks can suck it – and Fox, um - the Abyssinian Baptist Church called – they want their choir back. Every year it’s the same routine – a soul choir dressed in church robes swaying back and forth and smiling on as the potential American Idol sings their way through some heinous song written by Tamyra Gray. I would have paid good money if one of the choir members had done the ‘I’m saved dance’ or at least put their hand in the air and waved it around a little – you know, feeling the spirit and all. I think the only time this tactic worked was with Fantasia – it just made sense, somehow.

A purple velvet blazer with a snug fit? Perfection. I mean, for fuck’s sake – did you get dressed in the dark? Your stylist should be drug into the ally behind the Kodak Theatre and shot in the face. Blown with a capital BLOWN!


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