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Thursday, September 21, 2006

antm 7 - episode 1

In case any of you non-fags missed last night's season premiere of America's Next Top Model Cycle 7, here are the photos from the top 13's first shoot - ranked according to my preference - from favorite to least favorite. The theme of the photo shoot was model stereotypes.

AJ - the model working the casting couch

Michelle - the bulimic model

Amanda - the anorexic model

CariDee - the dumb blonde model

Anchal - the narcissistic model

Megan - the diva model with a lap dog

Monique - the model who throws cell phones at her assistant

Melrose - the model who won't get out of bed for less than $10,000 a day

Christian - the model turned actress

Megg - the drunk drug addict model

Jaeda - the model who's a plastic surgery victim

Eugena - the black model who the industry is trying to turn into a white model

After watching last night, I must say that my pre-premiere favorites (Melrose and Brooke) are still my favorites (at least personality wise). Those ugly twins should definitely give the other girls a run for their money - as might heinous AJ. Off hand I can think of a few favorite moments from the premiere. One was Monique - and how she so easily stepped into the role of this season's black bitch. You knew it would happen. I'm just glad that it happened so quickly.

My other highlights include Tyra's performance as the supreme diva model, and the fact that she took yet another swipe at Naomi (see Monique's photo sheet). Earlier this week Tyra interviewed one of Naomi's former (abused) assistants on her talk show. Loves it! Actually, this video clip contains pretty much all of my favorite moments from last night. Enjoy!


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tyra is an airbrushed drag queen

9/24/2006 1:38 AM  

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