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Sunday, June 25, 2006

the prize fighter, campbell

Everyone’s favorite prize fighter, Naomi Campbell had an interesting little snafu a few days ago at Roberto Cavalli’s menswear show in Florence. In the grand tradition of staging fashion shows in strange yet challenging locales, Cavalli chose to hold this show on the Ponte Vecchio.

So of course Naomi was on hand to open the show with a bang – although when she reached the end of the runway, which was nothing more than a stopping point on the street, she mistakenly turned the wrong way and ended up in a crowd of random people. According to Fashion Week Daily

“Much to the horror of front-row guest Bianca Jagger and the Cavallis, security feverishly rushed into the mob of people, which had, like a vacuum, sucked Campbell into the crowd like a mosh pit, and plucked her out. The dress, we’re happy to report, was unharmed.”

Isn't it hysterical how they paint the scene as if Naomi is some helpless little waif of a girl who might have been torn to shreds by the dirty plebes? Seriously though, in a situation like this, my concern would have been for the innocent bystanders. You know that Naomi probably had some kind of crazy knife strapped to her thigh… or a mobile phone or a Blackberry or something!?! That bitch means business.

In somewhat related news, Naomi is due back in court this week, here in New York. She is facing charges that she physically assaulted her maid, Ana Scolavino, with a mobile phone back in March. If she is found guilty, old fisticuffs (and her trusty phone) could face a possibility of seven years behind bars (yeah, right). In 2000, Naomi pled guilty to assaulting another former employee with a mobile phone. Watch the reenactment.


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