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Sunday, September 17, 2006

michael knight runway show

One of my favorites throughout the entire Project Runway 3 season, has been Michael Knight. Going into the finale, he seems to be the frontrunner if not the judges' favorite. Like they say each week, he's really good at styling and coming up with an overall look.

Michael named his collection 'Street Safari', which is pretty obvious - but I must say that I find the entire collection to be completely disappointing! There's a whiff of Gucci, and a tinge of Baby Phat - but it definitely falls short of both. As much as I'm not "edgy" like Jeffrey, I'm also not very 'street' or 'hip hop'. One thing I am, is certain - certain that these pieces look plain cheap.

His patterns are ugly and loud, the materials look very low end, and I simply don't get that neckline that he did on the bathing suits and several of the dresses. In fact, the bathing suits - particularly the liquid gold with the beaded zebra detail (look #2) look whorish.

The only look that I find even remotely appealing, is perhaps the most boring - the white linen wrap shirt and short shorts (look #10). It's more academic. It's great for what it is - but it's not that much. What appears to have been his favorite piece, the dramatic safari print gown (look #7) looks well designed, but kind of unoriginal. I just can't get past that nightmare of a print. Very disappointing!


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