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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

it doesn't suck!

Ok, so seriously - this might possibly be the best news that I've heard all year. Joe Eszterhas, the guy who has gifted the world with fantabulously classic films such as Basic Instinct and Showgirls - is planning to reinvent the latter as a Broadway show. It will open in Las Vegas, and then hopefully make it's way to New York.

Now here's the thing - I pretty much despise Las Vegas, but in my book, this is reason enough to book myself on the next flight. Fuck that Cirque de Celine bullshit - it's ALL about Nomi Malone! Jesus, I think I had better go and re-watch it for approximately the 700th time.

Joe Eszterhas is finally getting used to being best known for writing Showgirls, a very bad movie. He’ll be introducing it Tuesday at the IFC Center while promoting his new trash-talking screenwriting how-to, The Devil’s Guide to Hollywood (in which he admits the movie sucks). He has his regrets. “It’s a movie that I wish I’d have written differently, and I wish would have been cast differently.” Still, he adds, “I never agreed with the notion that this movie was accidentally funny. I think it defies the imagination to think that a line like ‘How does it feel not to have anybody comin’ on you anymore?’ isn’t purposely funny. If you have a character named Henrietta Bazoom walking around poppin’ her tits out every 30 seconds, that’s a darkly humorous moment.” To that end, he’s planning a musical, with help from the producers of Urinetown, that “celebrates the over-the-top and campy nature of the piece.” Naturally, it’s to open in Las Vegas.


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showgirls is the SO great!

9/20/2006 9:15 AM  

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