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Sunday, August 27, 2006

when fat people get their fat vajayjays in a twist

Ok - I read about this last week and forgot to mention how annoying Kathy Najimy is. First off, the only thing that I know about this woman, is that she played the fat nun in the Sister Act movies - and that she is somehow friends with Jennifer Anuston. I think I read somewhere that she, Anuston and Melissa Etheridge have girls night together at some Mexican restaurant - and I bet Kathy takes everyone's leftovers home with her. Heinous!

So here's why I'm annoyed with this woman - she's been lashing out at my favorite show, Project Runway. She apparently fired off some angry fat girl letter to Andy Cohen, an executive at Bravo, in which she whined a lot and sounded like a moron. Her ire was the result of comments made a few weeks ago by both Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn - regarding Alison's less than lithe model - the one to whom Heidi referred to as a "fat Minnie Mouse".

According to TMZ -
Kathy took particular issue with Gunn calling one of the runway models "zaftig" (pleasantly plump) and Heidi's comment that an outfit made a model look plus-size, which Najimy believes implied that plus-size was "the ultimate of horrors."

In the e-mail Najimy points out how these comments, along with societal pressure to be thin, are particularly harmful to the body images of young girls. Najimy adds "And I especially hope that Heidi Klum's beautiful daughter never has to grow up in the self-hatred and self-mutilation that occurs when girls and women are suffocated by irresponsible, dangerous comments like the ones Heidi made..."

On his blog, Cohen came to Klum's defense by saying "Heidi cares a lot about little girls watching the show and about the image that we project."

So here's the thing, I hate it when fat people get their fat vajayjays in a twist over shit like this. I mean, you know that this is just the product of her own self loathing. Step away from the mallomars, and go throw something up already. Jesus.

In light of all this, I thought that this picture was most fitting. Seriously, just look at how fat she is! Christ, she's nearly thrice the size of NicRichie. It's disgusting... really! If you want to read Kathy's dumb letter in its entirety, you can do so here.


Anonymous Jill said...

So random for her to flip out like that.

8/28/2006 4:59 PM  
Anonymous Tom said...

Wow. This post was kinda stupid.

Though I'm a little bias since I agree with what Kathy said. I used to be a fan of Project Runway, but now I'm having doubts if I want to watch the show anymore.

6/18/2007 12:42 PM  

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