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Saturday, August 26, 2006

no i can't forget the semen...

So you know that Mariah Carey song, “Without You”? You know - that whole “I can’t live – if living is without you” bullshit? If you’re familiar with Mariah’s version, you might recall how the opening lyrics are a tad unintelligible. It should start out with “No I can’t forget this evening – or your face as you were leaving” but it sounds like she’s saying “No I can’t forget the semen – on your face as you were leaving.” Seriously – hear for yourself!

Well as it turns out, the first single off of Clay Gayken’s new album is another remake of this song – and following his recent scandals, I don't think those lyrics could be any more perfect. Listen to how carefully he annunciates those lyrics. Meanwhile, check out the album cover.This whole KD Lang look is the butchest he’s ever been. Sure, he looks like a straight up lesbian – but if he’s going to deny his faggotry, then continuing to flat iron his hair might not jive with that whole heterosexual thing.

On a closing note, I would like to invite you to take a closer look at the Mariah / Gayken side by side. I have always been a very detail oriented person, so I immediately noticed his bracelet. If you look closely, you might spot the ever vomitious W.W.J.D. acronym. BLOWN!


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