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Friday, July 21, 2006

you are such a queen!

Did you all catch my boo, Johnny Weir this week on the season finale of KG’s Life on the D-List?
Yes, KG met up with Johnny in Vegas, where he spent an afternoon trying to teach Kathy how to figure skate. It was truly magical, I tell you - truly magical!

What I love about this kid is his very subtle brand of bitchiness.
One thing that I love about Kathy Griffin is that she is secretly a gay man stuck in the body of a 45 year old woman. Put these two together, and you get some amazing dialogue. At times, it seemed as though Johnny forgot that Kathy wasn’t another gay boy. Some of the highlights, in my opinion, included –

KG (to JW) – Are you sure these are girl skates? They’re very manly. Don’t you have anything with a heel?

KG – How come you get to use your toe pick and I can’t?
JW – Cause I’m a three time national champion at this!

JW (to KG) – You’re like a liver sausage in a wig!

JW (to the cameraman) – The main things she needs to work on are probably her grace. She skates a little bit like a boy… or a monkey, and she’s gotta skate like a lady.

JW (to KG) – You are such a queen!

KG – Isn’t this romantic? I have a crush on you!
JW- No you don’t!
KG – Yes I do!
JW – uh uh.

JW (to the cameraman) – She gets it. She gets me.

She gets you, Johnny - no shit? Also, how funny that he called Kathy a queen. Such great television! If you missed the season finally, I'm sure Bravo will have it on a loop all weekend. Here's the Johnny Weir clip...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, Kathy Griffin does kinda look like a liver sausage in a wig!

7/22/2006 10:36 AM  

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