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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

totally in the shit house!

Prior to last week’s shocking sex bust, George Michael, it seems, had been planning a wedding to Kenny Goss, his partner of 10 years. According to a source who spoke to the Daily Mail, that wedding has been indefinitely postponed -

“They are reassessing their relationship at the moment so there are no immediate plans. Things are very much up in the air,” a source told the daily mail. The singer has insisted in the past that he and Goss, 48, have an open relationship, saying: "Gay relationships are a bit different. I'm sure we'll be allowed to roam if we want to. But we love each other dearly."

Only three months ago Michael told Michael Parkinson that he was to seal his relationship, saying: "We'll do it on our tenth anniversary, we'll probably do the formal legal thing then the party." But the source close to Michael yesterday admitted: "They do not feel that it is relevant now."

Hmmm - I hadn't realized that gay relationships were 'different', but either way, George Michael is totally in the shithouse – and no wonder! Can we just discuss the all too obvious? Let me paint a picture for you. First, take a little Harvey Keitel

Ok, you with me? Now imagine what would happen if Harvey Keitel fell out of the ugly tree (AGAIN), and hit every branch on the way down! Are you picturing it? Yeah, that’s Norman Kirtland (the heinous old queen with whom George Michael had anonymous sex last week). Can we just examine the evidence?

George Michael – you are a hot mess! What the hell is wrong with you? Given the choice of sleeping with a guy who looks like Reichen or sleeping with a guy who looks like Harvey Keitel – you choose Harvey Keitel? I mean, for fuck’s sake – really!


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