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Sunday, July 23, 2006

hasta la pasta, baby!

A report has surfaced that Kelly Rowland, fresh off of her appearance as guest host on The View, is two months pregnant. Rumors have evidently been circulating for a while now – but here’s the thing. Who announces a pregnancy when they’re only two months along? I mean, isn’t it pretty standard to wait until after the first trimester – what, with the risk of miscarriage and all? Also, who is the baby daddy? Is it the ex-fiancé, Roy Williams? She did mention on The View that the two of them are still close, and that she had seen him last week. Hmmmm…

According to ONTD

The former member of the best selling female group of all time has announced that she is pregnant. She was interviewed with AMG, and confirmed that she was indeed 2 months pregnant. Rumors have been circulating through the media about her being pregnant but was never confirmed until today. She says " It was definately a suprise! Its kind of a bitter-sweet feeling because I was planning to release an album next year". She also told AMG that it will be pushed back to end of 2007, or beggining of 2008.

Keith Slogan - AMG (

Ok, as an aside – I hope that whoever posted this on ONTD just copied and pasted – because I’ve seen better spellers and grammarians in my mom’s first grade class. Seriously! Come on people – subject verb agreement!

So yeah, Kelly Rowland’s freshman solo album sold 1.5 million copies worldwide – not horrendous, but certainly not Beyoncé. Kelly, it’s been fun - but waiting until 2008 to release your lukewarm follow up album – hasta la pasta, baby!

For your enjoyment, here is a little clip from Kelly’s appearance on The View. Notice how Beyoncé can’t even let Kelly have this one moment in the sun. She upstages her even in absentia - atta girl, B!


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