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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

father figure / preacher teacher?

Ok – so the wedding is evidently back on. George Michael phoned up Richard & Judy (think Regis & Kelly) yesterday to discuss his recent sex-capades. According to the Daily Mail

He said he and Mr. Goss recently celebrated their 10th anniversary and he had given his lover a £1 million present to mark the milestone. "We had a lovely 10th anniversary party and actually my 10th anniversary present to him cost me a million quid so I reckon I should get away with more then. I would actually have to do something he dislikes before the wedding was off."

The News of the World reported that Michael was caught kissing and groping van driver Norman Kirtland. The pop star admitted he had no idea who the man was but insisted he was not ashamed of his actions. "There can't be shame in a situation unless the person is ashamed and I'm certainly not that," he said. He said it was sad that words like "depravity" and "shame" were used by the media in relation to cruising.

"I think it's deeply and ethically wrong that young people can be exposed to that kind of language," he said. The singer, who was cautioned for possessing cannabis in February after being found slumped at the wheel of a car at Hyde Park Corner in central London, denied he was "troubled". He said: "I don't want people to think my life is troubled when it's not. I think I should be able to be what I am to young gay people, a man who's managed to succeed in the industry for 25 years."

Here’s the thing – OF COURSE the wedding is back on. I mean, obviously – right?!? But here’s the other thing – I know I’m a prude, but I find it completely laughable when people purport to be in some fantastic relationship, and then constantly cheat on each other and think that it’s perfectly ok. If you were so in love, I wouldn’t think that you would neither want nor need to be having hideous anonymous sex romps in the woods. Maybe it’s just me.

Although here's another thing - do you think that maybe George was only trying to find himself a father figure - you know, a little preacher teacher? I mean, how else do you explain something like this away?


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