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Friday, May 26, 2006

i heart kathy griffin

I LOVE Kathy Griffin - I mean, duh! I'm totally psyched about Season Two of 'My Life on the D-List' - seriously, between 'Being Bobby Brown' and Kathy Griffin, Bravo is where it's at this summer. I'm even more excited to see Kathy live in two weeks. We saw her last year, and I don't know if I've ever laughed so hard in my entire life. Roseanne is great live - Margaret Cho is great live - but seeing Kathy Griffin perform live is truly a religious experience.

In anticipation of these events, I would like to share a few recent KG gems -

"Tonight we are giving away many awards. We're honoring a lot of amazing artists - but I'm going to go off book, and I'm going to tell you I think that there was a show that was overlooked. Someone did the costume design for a brilliant show called Being Bobby Brown - and they deserve a goddamn award. Do you think it was easy dressing Whitney Houston every day? Hell to the no! Somebody had to take traces of crack cocaine out of her tank top - damn it. Somebody worked hard, and for what? So you snobs pass 'em by."
Kathy was also recently interviewed by the Indianapolis Star, and was asked about her opinion of Clay Aiken and what he needs to do to repair his tarnished image. (Source)
"First of all, major relocation," Griffin replied. "He has to leave the country. He has to be like Josephine Baker or David Hasselhoff and find a fan base overseas. I think once you have had your picture in the Star tabloid with four webcam pictures of you hooking up with a guy and you don't have a shirt on, it's time for a vacation."

Griffin also said that Aiken should turn to Barry Manilow for advice. "He has to have a long sit-down with Manilow and get a game plan," she said. "He has to say, 'Barry, I want you to plan out my next year. I'll do whatever you say.' He should follow the footsteps of his obvious mentor."
Griffin also had some harsh words for this season's contestants. "Don't you love when they talk about their 'fans' without one hint of irony?" she asked. "I'm looking at them and thinking, you're going to be working at The Limited at the mall in about eight days. So knock it off with your 'fans'."
Yeeeaaah Hot!


Anonymous Kim said...

I don't think she's really on the "D list" any more. BTW I don't know you but you make me laugh.

5/27/2006 6:21 PM  

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