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Monday, October 23, 2006

madge and her malawian

Ok - I am so god damn sick of hearing about Madonna and that fucking child that she adopted, or stole... or whatever. Now let me be the first to say - good for that kid... that he'll have a privileged upbringing yada yada yada - but I just can't shake the notion that the entire thing was motivated by some narcissistic quest for attention. I mean, we've seen what happens when Anus Jolie treks the globe, plucking children from villages on every continent.

All that being said, what I find even more annoying, is the media blitz surrounding the entire thing - and how the child's father keeps flip flopping, and is now pretending as if he had just dropped his son off at the orphanage to be babysat or something. As if, now that Madonna wants the kid, he's suddenly this huge commodity. I don't know - the whole things is just Bizarre - with a capital B. If I were Madonna I would tell everyone to go fuck themselves. If you're at all interested in this ongoing saga (ie if you're a homosexual), be sure to set your Tivo to record Madge's appearance on Wednesday's Oprah.


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