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Thursday, October 19, 2006

just repugnant

In an interview with Us Weekly, Tim Gunn recently dished some dirt, giving his opinion on a number of things - including celebrity style, and which it girls "make it work".

Of Kate Hudson -

“She’s someone who, generally speaking, looks great,” says Gunn. “It’s a matter of dressing appropriately for wherever it is you’re going.”

Of Chicken of the Sea -
“Why is she a celebrity?” Gunn wonders about the Employee of the Month star, whom he says is sometimes fashionable, sometimes horrendous. “But, boy, is she photographed all the time!”
Of Sarah Jessica Parker -
“I love her,” gushes Gunn, adding that Parker would be a “fabulous” guest judge of a future season of Project Runway. “She always looks beautifully put-together, but she’s not like somebody’s dress-up doll. I think she really weighs in on her stylists’ decisions.”
Of Britty Peers and her cheetos -

“Aside from looking as though she’s just been dragged out from under a truck that tried to run her over, she always looks like she’s in need of personal hygiene,” snipes Gunn about the new mom of two. “The whole package to me is just repugnant. Ugh!”


Anonymous Anonymous said...

sjp totally needs to guest judge on next season's project runway!

10/23/2006 6:34 PM  

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