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Saturday, October 14, 2006

an anti-semitic son of a bitch

My love for Joan Rivers goes without saying. I have long been a fan, and enjoy seeing her in any form - be it one the red carpet, in her comedy specials, or even peddling jewelry on QVC. She is an absolute legend, and she is always balls to the wall. This past week she sounded off on the Mel Gibson interview, and I'm so glad that someone did...

Among other things, she said the following of Gibson, and of the Diane Sawyer interview -

“He is an anti-Semitic son of a bitch. He should fucking die.”

I think he’s in vino veritas,” Rivers says. “I think everyone should not watch (the interview with Diane Sawyer. The hypocrisy is what I hate. You know it’s all about ratings and Diane Sawyer has them all when she’s married to a Jewish guy Mike Nichols. It’s ridiculous because she’ll get great ratings and (Gibson) will be back in business.”

“I believed it when he said six and a half million Jews spent World War two in Boca and didn’t die. He is what he is. How refreshing that we all now know.”

So here's the thing - I agree with Joan, in the sense that I wish that Mel Gibson would just go away and die somewhere. I'm also annoyed at the prospect that this interview may have enabled him to gain even an iota of empathy from the public, and possibly regain some of his fans. However, I don't think that Diane Sawyer lost any of her journalistic integrity by doing this interview. I mean, isn't that the thing about journalism - trying to present both sides of something - whilst pretending to be Switzerland? Personally, I don't think that he came off well (at all) in the interview. In case you missed it, see for yourself (in 3 parts) -


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