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Friday, September 29, 2006

stick with hermès - she's much more loyal!

Today I received even more validation as to why I am completely and utterly, head over heels in love with Laura Bennett. OutZoneTV has a great, new interview with Laura, which you can read here. I pulled a few of my favorite questions / answers -

Question - We love that you’re foul-mouthed. What’s your favorite word?
Answer - The f-word. I do try to use frickin sometimes. It can’t be done all the time. And obviously I don’t think much before I say anything, and when you do that, it just kinda all comes out. But I do say that kind of a lot.

Question - What do you hope that your children pursue?
Answer - My children, they get it from my husband and I. We’re both pretty artistic. So I expect them to go into the arts of some sort. Whether it’s architecture or painting, or …of course at the moment all he can do is drape dress forms and sew. You know? Because that’s what’s happening in his life at the moment. But they do seem to be talented in the arts, so I would be disappointed if they didn’t somehow go in that direction, but I would never push any of them in any particular direction. I just hope that at least one of them is gay. I think the odds are with me. If I have five boys, isn’t it one in ten? I think I’m doing OK.

Question - Your odds are OK.
Answer - I have one child who wants to be Austin Scarlett when he grows up. And then when Tim Gunn was over here, he pulled these two Nelson benches that I have that I use as a coffee table, he pulled them apart and made a long catwalk and did his walk down the catwalk for Tim Gunn, so I’m feeling positive about that one.

(There is the noise of a great ruckus behind Laura.) Hold on, I just had an influx of children. You want a what? You want a noonie too? Alright, well go ask your brother to ask Nicole and then it’ll be like a whole … they all want pacifiers. These kids are four years old and they’re still sucking on things. See, that’s the one I think might end up being gay.

I do worry for my children, I mean, I think it must be a really difficult thing. I have no problems with any of my boys being gay, and like I said, God knows they have room for a feminine source in the house. With my fifth boy in a row on the way here.

But I do. I worry that it’s difficult for teenagers.

Question - Beverage of choice, not pregnant
Answer -
Tanqueray martini, up with olives.

Question - Beverage of choice, pregnant
Answer -
Tanqueray martini, up with olives. 'Cause that’s when I really need it. Come on. Who are we kidding here? God knows, if I ever needed a martini. Usually though, my husband will order it, and I sip from his glass. That’s our way of handling that situation.

My favorite Laura line from the interview is when she bitches about her Blackberry, saying - "No, be warned, those electronics, they'll screw you over every time. Stick with Hermès - she's much more loyal!" Now I know that I've said it before, but I will totally be her gay son. LOVE her!


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Love LB too. The pics you put together are always great. Keep it up!

9/29/2006 6:57 PM  

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