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Thursday, September 28, 2006

antm 7 - episode 2

Man do I love America's Next Top Model - maybe not as much as Project Runway, but let me tell you - it's a close second. The new season (Cycle 7) has been billed as the biggest and the best - and last night's episode definitely lived up to the hype. The girls started off with makeovers with Frédéric Fekkai. As ususal, a number of girls cried and acted like spoiled babies when it came time for their new looks. After 6 seasons of this same old song and dance, wouldn't you think that these bitches would work it out? Phenomenal!

Meanwhile, Monique continued her low-rent Naomi divatude - purposefully tying up the house phone line for nearly four hours. From next week's preview it looks like she's bound for an über confrontation with my girl, Melrose - and I can't wait! The photo shoot for the episode involved a number of weavologists, creating unbelievable hair sculptures on the girls - weavovers, if you will. Only on UPN (er, The CW) would you see ridiculous antics like this. I mean, could this show be any campier? Unbeweavable - it really is extraordinary! Here are the photos - ranked according to my preference (from favorite to least).













I must say that I was a tad surprised to see Megan get the boot. Although I found her to be a little piggy, I didn't think that it was her time to go. I think the only reason that Eugena didn't go home was because she won that RETARDED Queen Latifah challenge. Don't you love how Latifah puts on makeup and pretends to be all girly? What a dyke! Come to think of it, why the hell didn't Jaeda go home? Her picture completely sucked ass, she acted like a big baby during the makeovers, and she has a penis! Oh Tyra, always keeping me guessing... keep up the good work!


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