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Thursday, September 07, 2006

homosexuality - a prerequisite for television weather reporting

My fellow New Yorkers (at least the gay ones - or the ones who watch the WABC eyewitness news) know that Sam Champion is a bit of an institution in these parts. With her almost blinding white veneers, blonde coiffure and Oompa-Loompa complexion, Sam has maintained her status as New York's finest (and gayest) weatherman. She has her own commercial set to Queen's "We are the Champions" - I believe the lyrics are "She is Sam Champion" or something like that. Some band even named itself after her.

Since I live just two blocks from the ABC studios, I have seen Mademoiselle Champion on more than one occasion - most recently a few weeks ago, walking hand in hand with her latest slice of ass. She was wearing white pants and a coral colored sweater - fucking homo!

A few weeks ago, ABC promoted Sam to the weatherman position at Good Morning America - replacing Tony Perkins, who left a few months ago. Since I am a GMA devotee, I will continue to get my Sam Champion fix. I believe that WABC will be replacing her with Lee Goldberg - who is a bit of a Sam Champion mini-me. I also believe him to be of the homosexual persuasion - although his online bio says that he has a wife and kids. Yeah, well - so do I!

In closing, I would like to say that as gay as Sam Champion may be - she is nowhere near as faggoty as this lady. My only question - is homosexuality a prerequisite for television weather reporting?


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