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Thursday, September 07, 2006

it's not her fault, ok!?!

So today's obvious headline is Trash's DUI arrest last night - and I can't even tell you how much I don't care. I hadn't even read the headlines this morning, but luckily Rosie announced it on The View by asking everyone to give Trash a big round of applause for driving drunk.

Of course Bawbwa Wawas immediately got her vajayjay in a twist - saying something about how Trash has visited the show in the past, and that she's a nice girl. (Also, don't forget that Bawbwa interviewed Trash as one of her most fascinating people a few years ago.) Rosie countered Bawbwa's comments by saying that although she has never met Trash, she knows that she would not like her if she did meet her. Hilarious, and thank Christ that at least someone on that show is truthful.

As would be expected, TMZ has some great video footage - not of the actual arrest, but of Trash being escorted home by her weaselly little publicist, Elliot Mintz - and then of Mintz addressing the paparazzi, and trying to explain everything away. So here's the thing - it is not, I repeat NOT Trash's fault that she was driving drunk. I mean, she was up at 2:00 that morning for work, hadn't eaten a single thing in well over 24 hours, and only drank 1 margarita!

Oh, and when he was asked what the breathalyzer read, Mintz responded by saying "the very absolute lowest reading that you could possibly get to warrant being taken in!" It is simply not Trash's fault. AT ALL! I repeat, not her fault! Clearly.

Meanwhile, Trash herself called Ryan Seafag's radio show this morning (listen here) to do some further explaining away - saying at first that "you know what, it's nothing!" She went on to give excuses by saying that she went out to dinner with her sister and girlfriends, and then went to some event where she only had 1 margarita. She was starving because she hadn't eaten all day (except for dinner, of course) and that all she wanted was an In-n-Out burger.

Fucking Hollywood. Whatever happened to apologizing when you've done something wrong, and saying that you won't do it again? I'm just saying...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

rumor has it that she's not even going to be charged with the dui!

9/08/2006 12:12 AM  

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