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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

livestrong... and gay

Don’t you just love Page Six? My personal favorite is always the ‘Just Asking’ blurbs – and today’s is no exception. Check out this gem -

WHICH hunky actor who once picked up a young man and brought him back to the Mercer Hotel for oral sex is now hanging out with a top athlete? The two are said to be more than just workout buddies.

Could that be any more obvious? I mean, Hellen Keller just rolled over in her grave and shouted out the answer. This is certainly not the first time that Matthew McConaughey has been a victim of the blind item guessing game. Here's another gem that was in the Daily News a few months ago -

Which allegedly hetero Hollywood leading man celebrated his birthday with a gay ménage à trois? The story comes with another report that he gives his hookups strict instructions about how much he's allowed to be touched.

A gay ménage à trois, eh? Hmmm - you don't say...

That's hot! Now here's the thing - I was friends with Jake in college, and I never got a huge gay vibe from him - but I would not be even remotely surprised. Also, is it just me or does Matthew McConaughey even own a shirt? Seriously though - ever since he became this erratic workout fiend, he can't seem to be naked enough. Now I'm certainly not complaining - just making a simple observation.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

no way!

8/02/2006 2:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think that the actor is maybe Jake Gylenhaal instead of Mcconauhey?

8/02/2006 4:50 PM  

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